Windows XP Countdown Is On

Microsoft has announced that April of 2014 will be the official end of support for Windows XP.  They’ve pushed this date back several times, but we expect this new declaration to stand.

Q:  What does that mean for my organization?

Well, any security holes found in Windows XP after that date, won’t get patched.  Also, companies who create software to work on the Windows platform tend to follow suit, and on that date, they’ll stop supporting their software, on the XP base.

Q:  What should we do?

Don’t panic!  Grab your towels.  Many of you have already adopted Windows 7.  Research shows that maintaining a Windows XP network can cost five times more than one run on Windows 7.

Some things to consider:

  1. Stop buying computers with Windows XP installed.  When you buy the Operating System with a computer, it’s very inexpensive and a great way to upgrade.
  2. Windows 7 Volume Licensing is purchased as an Upgrade.  If you are going to buy licensing, make sure that the hardware you’re using is up to the requirements.