New Paypal Scam – “Bill Me Later”

Hey everyone,

Here’s a quick heads up.  We received the following email this morning, and we appropriately skeptical.  Any email that comes from a reputable company, and has a ZIP file attached should set of major alarm bells in your head.  Most big companies will never send you an email with an attachment.

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Dear Customer,

Thank you for making a payment online! We’ve received your
Bill Me Later® payment of $1142.45 and have applied it to your account.

For more details please check attached file


Your Bill Me Later Account Number Ending in: XXXX

You Paid: $1142.45

Your Payment Date*: 01/20/2014

Your Payment Confirmation Number: 864014014051530764

Don’t forget, Bill Me Later is the perfect way to shop when you want more time to pay for the stuff you need. Plus, you can always find great deals and discounts at over 1000 stores. Watch this short, fun video to learn more.

*NOTE: If your payment date is Saturday, or a holiday, it will take an additional day for the payment to appear on your account. However, you will be credited for the payment as of the payment date.

Do not reply to this email. Please send all messages through the email form on our website. We are unable to respond to account inquiries sent in reply to this email. Bill Me Later is located at 9690 Deereco Rd, Suite 110, Timonium, MD 21093 Copyright 2012 Bill Me Later Inc.Bill Me Later accounts are issued by WebBank, Salt Lake City UtahP6O7AAPP1

The people sending these phishing messages are counting on the emotional response you’ll have when you’re told that you’re going to pay some mysterious bill.  Don’t bite.

In this case we did a quick Google search on “Bill Me Later” email (note the quotations) and found several reports of the scams.  Next step was to call Paypal and report the email.  They asked me to forward the email to so they could go after the culprits.

Let’s hope they catch them!