Microsoft WPC 2012 Opening Keynote #WPC2012


Most of this week I’ll blog about the WPC.  For the sake of keeping up with the conversation, I’ll have to use point form.  I’d encourage you to post your comments or questions, and I’ll try to get back to everyone.

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John Roskill is on the stage after an exuberant opening from Cirque de Soliel. I’m not sure I’ve ever been that energetic at 9am.

First thing he’s touching on is Microsoft Cloud partners that are “winning” in the marketplace.

Even the big screens are using the Metro UI.

Now Steve Balmer and and Rich Kaarlgard take the stage. Steve is so happy it’s a bit frightening.

Microsoft growing the number of partners that are selling Microsoft Cloud products by 10% per month. That’s no typo. 10% per MONTH.  I can already tell that a huge percentage of this WPC is going to be focused on Office 365 and Windows 8.

Kurt DelBene, President the Microsoft Office group joins the roundtable.

MS Office is on over a BILLION user desktops today.

200,000 Lowes users onboarding with Office 365.  Burger King and Japan Airlines.

Microsoft Office 365 Open program being introduced!  We’ll be able to package Office365 and invoice it ourselves.  No more worrying about billing with Microsoft.

Now some talk about Yammer ( which is a recent acquisition from Microsoft.

Some talk about the Office 15 technical preview.  Steve is going coo-coo for cocoa puffs about Windows 8 and Office 15 working together.

A demo of Windows 8 coming up.

– Acer ultrabook with Touch.  Looks like Metro UI is going to bring touch screens to every laptop.
– Asus “System on a chip” systems that convert from Tablet to full laptop.  I gotta admit, having an iPad, it’s not something I can take with me to business meetings because of it’s lack of browser support, and the need for apps.  I can see how Windows 8 is going to drive the hardware market to meet the software use.
– Lenovo A720 will come with 10 point multitouch.  It has a swivel base that allows users to convert it to something like a drawing table.  About the same dimensions as an iMac.

Wow.  Demo of the new “Picture Password” where you use a personalized Lock Screen picture and touching the screen in a specific way is the way you unlock the computer.

Windows RT demo.  It looks very similar to Windows 8.  Looks like a full tablet experience OS.  Release the limitation of the Apple products.

Windows ToGo.  Pack your entire OS on a Thumbdrive and pack it with you.  Very cool.  Doing a demo.  She put a USB stick into a Windows 7 PC and then rebooted into her Windows 8 Desktop.