Why Adaptive?

Easy to Budget

The old model of the “Stopwatch Technician” doesn’t work. It’s the wrong motivation and makes you pay for down time. We work off the idea that we should be motivated to keep your systems running smoothly, and that you shouldn’t be deciding if you can afford to call us.

All Services Guaranteed

We stand behind our work. Our policy is only to bill for effective work, where we’ve solved your problem for good. Our team collaborates to make sure the solutions we’re implementing are long term, and fit within your budget and best practices.

Scared of Commitment?

We are too! We know that we don’t keep clients with sticky, restrictive contracts. We believe in keeping our clients by providing world class services, and our month-to-month contracts reflect that. We should add though, most of our clients have been with us for years.

A Team of Experts

Information Systems are a big field. Nobody knows every aspect. It’s like medicine and there are specialties. We have a team that has been with us for several years and they collaborate on difficult problems to tap into the individual expertise of each member.

What's Included?

Unlimited Service

Don’t worry about the clock. If you have a problem, it’s covered in your agreement. No matter how big or small the issue, you can call, email or create a ticket and get a resolution.


When you phone us, a person answers, not a machine. We don’t want to deal with auto-attendants, and neither do you. Our helpdesk are the ones who answer the phones, so the person you talk to can fix your issue.

Remote and On-site Service

Get a primary technician that will make regular site visits to establish relationship, train your staff, and fix issues, as well as a helpdesk that’s always available to you.


We take care of all the patching for Microsoft, and Third Party applications like Java, and Adobe products and our maintenance runs in off peak times.


We proactively monitor your systems and prevent problems before they can even cause downtime. Our technicians are always watching their dashboards to make sure your network stays healthy.


Our tools allow us to provide you accurate and timely reporting on trends, asset management or security at any time.

Our Services

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Get a human on the other end of the phone and tell us what you’re looking for. We’ll come to you and make it happen. 604.357.3456

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Have some more questions, or just a little shy? That’s OK. Just pop by our Contact Page and let us know what you need! We’ll be back to you in no time flat.

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